With the constantly increasing delivery of goods ranging from groceries to clothing to tech gadgets, it’s no surprise that doorstep thieves are on the rise. This has become so commonplace that videos have gone viral on social media of residents leaving booby traps like “sparkle bombs” or decoy packages with cameras embedded to catch the thieves, or at least seek a little revenge.

While some companies will refund or reimburse customers for goods stolen off their doorstep, the issue brings to light the danger of having not only goods, but personal information readily available to thieves, who can reach into a mailbox mid-day and retrieve a target’s mail. Receiving bank statements through the mail risks your personal financial information, and switching to online statements is one of the easiest ways you can help protect your information. 

You can sign up for online statements through Online Banking. Besides helping protect you from identity theft or fraud, online statements are more eco-friendly and allow you to keep your financial information all in one spot without you having to worry about keeping files. This is just another way to remain on the defense against fraudsters!

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