You don’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach to meeting the unique needs of your patients. So, as a specialized practice owner, you shouldn’t expect a one-size-fits-all financial solution from your bank.

That’s why at Bank Midwest, we offer Healthcare Practice Financial Solutions, a suite of programs aimed at providing a team of experienced professionals with personalized service and the resources you need to purchase, grow and refinance your practice.


Deposit and Treasury Management Services

We offer a robust set of deposit solutions to help you manage your cash flow and simplify the collection of funds. These treasury management services include:


Lending Solutions

Many properties require some type of financing at one time or another, and our bankers provide personalized service to help you complete your project with competitive rates and flexible payment terms.

We offer term loans, owner-occupied real estate loans, and other tailor-made solutions to help you finance an expansion, provide working capital and more, including:

  • Start your own practice
  • Expand your practice
  • Remodel existing space
  • Invest in new equipment technology

With our Healthcare Practice Financing, you can:

  • Restructure existing liabilities: Lower an existing payment or reduce interest expense; Terms up to 10 years available
  • Purchase into or acquire an existing practice: Up to 100% financing of the practice buy-in amount PLUS up to 10% additional working capital; Terms up to 10 years available; Interest only payments up to 12 months available
  • Start your own practice: Up to 80% financing of all start-up costs; Requires Small Business Administration guarantee
  • Expand your practice or remodel existing space: Interest only for the first 6 months to provide time for the completion of improvements; Up to 100% of loan amount may include improvements; Terms up to 7 years available
  • Invest in new equipment and technology: Competitive fixed rate terms up to 10 years; 100% financing on new and pre- owned equipment plus 20% for soft costs incurred for installation and shipping
  • Finance commercial real estate: Up to 85% loan-to-value; Fixed terms up to 15 years and amortizations up to 25 years; Fees may be financed
  • Normalize cash flow: Secured lines up to $500,000; Unsecured lines up to $50,000

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