We believe in helping our business clients find the best loan solution for their business, and getting you a decision quickly. Which is why we want to make sure you’re prepared for the application process by telling you what you’ll need to bring in order to apply, all applications and statements can be requested at your local banking center. 



  • Business Banking Credit Application, signed and dated
  • Borrower(s) Deposit Statements (if held outside of Bank Midwest, prior 2 months)
  • Three years of tax returns, including all schedules and K-1s
  • Interim Income Statement and Balance Sheet, within 90 days of request
  • Business Debt Schedule, if space on application is insufficient
  • Equipment Listing and Depreciation Schedule, if not included in tax return



  • Three years tax returns, full copies, including all schedules and K-1s
  • NBH Personal Financial Statement, signed and dated, within 90 days of a new application
  • Notice of Intent and Certification Form, if Personal Financial Statement is not Bank Midwest


Any other items needed will be based on the loan requested. Please talk with your local banker about specific needs for your application.

Contact a Business Banker

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