Funds Management

Understanding your business’ cash flow is vital to managing your money.

Bank Midwest believes that understanding your business’ cash flow information is vital to managing your money. Our liquidity and investment solutions help you maintain your cash accounts so that your money is there when you need it and any excess funds are put to work in interest bearing accounts.

Funds Management solutions


Zero Balance
Account (ZBA)

Automatically sweep your excess funds into a interest-bearing account or pay down your outstanding line of credit to reduce your interest expenses.

Set up Alerts


Utilized to manage loan interest expense if you are a net borrower or help maximize interest income potential if you are a net investor.


FDIC Insured
Sweep Program

If you are seeking higher levels of FDIC coverage for your personal and/or business deposits, let us open a multi-million dollar FDIC insured sweep account and immediately ensure the safety and security of all your deposits.


To learn more, please contact one of Treasury Management specialists:

Kathy Mitchley

Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Management


Kathy Mitchley

Kathy Mitchley

Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Management

Kathy Mitchley is a Treasury Management Consultant for Bank Midwest.

Kathy has been in the banking industry for over 25 years. Prior to joining Bank Midwest, Kathy has extensive history in Corporate Foreign Exchange trading in South Africa.

Kathy received her CTP designation in 2003 and has a passion for providing treasury management solutions for her business clients.

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