Bank Midwest is proud to offer our Business Banking clients a variety of payment options with our Merchant Card program, including:


In-Store Payments

Bank Midwest has your in-store transactions covered, by offering you the solutions to help every client that walks in to your business to have a simple and seamless purchasing process. From credit cards to debit cards to checks or gift cards, we help you accept it all, all you need is a POS terminal or system. Our options include:

  • POS Terminals which are affordable and compact that you can either lease or purchase. No matter which you choose, you can count on fast transactions and built-in security.
  • POS Systems that are computer-based and specifically designed for restaurants or retailers. Multitask with the combination of computer, inventory management software and payment processing.


Mobile Payments

Need the flexibility to take your terminal to your client? We offer high-powered portable business systems that help you manage your daily operations, and mobile options that provide affordable and secure payment processing. Bring the service to your clients with one of the following solutions:

  • Clover Flex is a sophisticated portable system that accepts payments, manages inventory, has a barcode scanner, a comer and runs on cloud-based software.
  • Clover Go allows you to take payments, monitor funds and see daily sales, all from your mobile device or tablet.


Business Solutions

With our partnership with First Data, we offer your business the ability to accept payments online, and more:

  • Identify top selling products
  • Track inventory easily
  • View your client’s spending habits
  • Discover where your clients spend their money
  • Access your sales performance on-demand
  • See how you compare to your competitors
  • Analyze your revenue trends