Chris Randall, Executive Vice President

Chris Randall, NBH Bank

Chris Randall

Executive Vice President, Commercial, Specialty and Business Banking

Mr. Randall has served as NBH Bank’s Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial and Specialty Banking since 2015 and, prior to that, he was Senior Managing Director, Specialty Banking since 2013.

He has also served as a member of NBH Bank’s board of directors since 2017. Mr. Randall has over 29 years of leadership experience building a successful commercial banking and specialty finance business, providing debt and equity capital to lower middle market business across the U.S. Prior to joining NBH Bank, Mr. Randall was the director and founder of CoBiz Structured Finance, based in Denver, Colorado, since 2011.

Previously, he was an executive of the Marquette Financial Companies as Senior Managing Director, COO and board member of MFC Capital Funding, a Chicago, Illinois-based national specialty finance and investing business that was started in 2005. Mr. Randall is a Trustee of the University of Colorado Foundation, supporting all campuses of the University of Colorado System.

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