Commercial: Business Online Banking
  • Windows Visa, Windows7 or newer; Mac OS 10.7 or newer.
  • PC: Go to Start; Right click "Computer" or "My Computer"; Select "Properties." The Windows version will be listed in a new window. Mac: Go to Apple menu; Click "About this Mac"; The version is listed below "OS X."
  • You need the one of the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9.0 or newer (PCs only)
    • Mozilla Firefox (current version)
    • Google Chrome (current version)
    • Apple Safari 6 or newer (Mac OS only)
  • Internet Explorer:
    1. Click "Help";
    2. Click "About Internet Explorer";
    3. The version number is listed in a new window
    Mozilla Firefox:
    1. Click the "Menu" button
    2. Click "Help"; Click "About Firefox"
    3. The version number is listen in a new window
    Google Chrome:
    1. Click the "Menu" button
    2. Click "About Google Chrome"
    3. The version number is listed in a new tab
    Apple Safari
    1. Click "Safari" on the Safari Menu
    2. Click "About Safari"
    3. The version number is listed in a new window
Treasury Services
  • We offer a variety of treasury services to help your business with collections, disbursements, managing investments and fraud prevention.
  • Please verify you are logging into the correct ‘Account Type’ and the Company ID and User ID you’ve entered matches what’s in the system. 
  • On the Business side of online banking, we are only able to reset a password for users that were given administrative privileges by your company admin. If you do not have administrative privileges, please refer back to your company admin to reset your password for you.