Internet Security: Mistaken Beliefs – Part 4

by: Abby Martin

Sep 6th, 2017

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It’s time once again to learn about Mistaken Beliefs when it comes to your security on the internet.

When it comes to Internet security, what you think you know can hurt you. A lot of what passes for common sense about this subject is just plain wrong—and often risky. Below are some more common Mistaken Beliefs.


  • I’m safe because my home router has a firewall that keeps out the bad guys.
    • Did you change your default settings? Your router is probably more vulnerable than you think, even if you avoid the common mistake of not changing its factory-set administrator name, password and SSID. Hackers in various security contests found numerous vulnerabilities in small/home office routers from major brands.


  • Social networks are safe because I only interact with friends. And besides, there are no computer viruses on them.
    • Think again! This is one of the latest hot topics and areas to fall victim. It’s precisely because people lower their guard when using services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that social networks have become a breeding ground for criminals. Forged Facebook pages, links to malicious sites and even some apps on Facebook have led unwitting users to download malicious software and fall into hands of hackers.


  • Whenever I see the little padlock symbol in my browser, it means that the website I’m visiting is safe.
    • Actually, that little padlock tells you nothing about how secure the site itself is from hackers or data breaches. All it means is that the site uses encryption to secure the data that’s exchanged between the site and your computer.


Check back next week for more common Mistaken Beliefs.

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