Data Compromises – How To Protect Yourself

by: Abby Martin

Oct 9th, 2018

Internet SecuritySecurity

Seems like data compromises aren’t getting the attention they used to. Perhaps it’s become an everyday occurrence that as users and clients, we’ve become more desensitized to the news. Although tempting, our vigilance as the end user is crucial in protecting our data. Following up from our last quarter update, here are some more simple tips to help keep your data safe and secure:

What you click on matters:

  • When searching on the internet, be thoughtful which search results you end up clicking on – sometimes they’re fake sites with imbedded malware.
  • Ensure the sites you visit are https: or have a secure connection.

What you leave behind matters:

  • Check your browsing history to see what you’re leaving behind. Cookies on your computer can be accessed to reveal your browsing history. Consider deleting cookies and temporary files periodically.
  • Securely shred old copies of documents you don’t need or which are already scanned.

How you access your data matters:

  • Enable multi-factor authentication where you can and log out of anything you’ve authenticated on. If that’s not available, make your password as long as reasonable. Passphrases work great especially (G0$hI(3)ve$3CUR1TY! – 19 characters!)
  • Use anti-virus and anti-malware software. Malware can include viruses, spyware, adware, nagware, trojans, worms, and more. Many anti-virus software includes the ability to scan and prevent malware.

As end users, we can (reasonably) control what type of data we share and don’t share. Security is absolutely manageable and accessible and as your Bank we will continue to share better practices with you.

As always, please do not provide any of your information to an unsolicited caller. We will never call and ask you to share your Credit Card Verification (CCV) code, your credit or debit card number, or the expiration date on your card. If you ever suspect fraudulent activity on your account, please do not hesitate to call your local banker, stop by a convenient banking center location, or call our Client Services & Solutions team at 800.867.2265.

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