Protecting Yourself On Vacation

by: Abby Martin

Mar 19th, 2019

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Whether your spring break is in full swing, or you’re getting back to your routine after a trip, it’s important to be aware of how to protect yourself before, during, and after a vacation. Vacations give thieves and fraudsters opportunity to take advantage of empty homes and high spending. To truly have a carefree vacation, make sure you are protecting yourself from potential theft and fraud.

Here are some security tips that will keep your belongings and information safe:

  • Continue to be aware of phishing attempts, specifically spear phishing (personalized emails, indicating that research was performed to help the email appear legitimate). Be cautious of emails appearing to be from hotels, airlines, car rental organizations, or family/friends needing emergency cash to come back from overseas vacations, etc.
  • Be vigilant while browsing. Do not click on pop-ups, including the “x” to exit out. Make sure you’re visiting legitimate travel websites.
  • Be cautious of conducting sensitive online activity like online banking, while on public Wi-Fi (ex: in an airport, coffee shop, etc).
  • Wait until you get home to post about your travels on social media.
  • If traveling internationally, make sure to share your travel plans with your financial institutions.
  • Once you get home, check your statements for suspicious activity more critically.
  • Ensure you have securely stored your ID, bank cards, etc., even in your hotel room. Many hotels provide lockers for these items. Don’t travel with anything more than you need.
  • Ensure your mobile devices are encrypted and require a password to access.

Wishing you safe and happy travels!

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