When I talk to small businesses owners about how they make deposits today, the normal response is “I stand in line at the banking center like everyone else.” Then I ask, “What’s your time worth to you?” As the old saying goes, time is money. And if most of your time is spent standing in line at the bank, you have less time to go on another call, work on another project or spend with family and friends.

If you’re making frequent deposits, depositing a large number of items or you aren’t near a banking center, Remote Deposit Capture is an excellent solution that can help you get your time back and make your business more effective and efficient.

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to scan checks with a desktop scanner or smartphone and transmit the scanned images to the bank for posting to your account. Without leaving your office, you can deposit checks as they are received and into multiple accounts. Not only does this save time by not making frequent trips to the bank, but faster check clearing also reduces risk. And funds can even be available by next business day giving you quicker access to your money.

Not only does Remote Deposit Capture save you time, it also saves you money. Transportation, courier and processing costs can be significantly reduced with the use of Remote Deposit Capture. And there are no upfront costs to get started as most banks do not require you to purchase or rent a scanner as long as you are a client.

If you’re interested in getting your valuable time back, consider using Remote Deposit Capture. Contact us today or visit our Treasury Management page for more information on Remote Deposit Capture and other treasury management services from Bank Midwest.