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What Is So Positive About Positive Pay?

May 27th, 2024

by: Abby Martin

Banking SolutionsBusiness Tips

Old School crime is back and check fraud is surging. Thankfully, businesses are turning to digital payments and electronic alternatives like card and ACH. Unfortunately, some business owners are committed to paper and use checks as part of their daily operations. Simply search the term “check washing” into any search engine and you will discover ...

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13 Tips For Practicing Safe Online Banking

Apr 8th, 2020

by: Abby Martin

Banking SolutionsDigital Banking

Thanks to sophisticated security measures, online banking is not only the more convenient way to bank, but it’s also safer. Though just like traditional offline banking, safe online banking requires making good choices. Follow these tips to help make online and mobile banking as secure as possible. Protect your information – keep personal info personal. ...

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